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Zero Waste
Zero Waste
What are your ideas around reusing, recycling, reducing, composting, or any other actions to help take us into the future?
Zero Waste

Across the country, communities are charting a new course for managing local waste streams. A “zero waste” approach aims to significantly reduce waste sent to landfills. Fort Collins is starting with a master plan process and the resulting recommendations will be discussed with City Council in November. During the next several months, Fort Collins residents can join in the “trash talk” conversation.

As a community, Fort Collins is successfully composting, recycling, or reusing 47% of its “discards” instead of burying these materials in landfills. This is double the amount of “waste diversion” that was occurring back in 1999, when our community adopted a goal of 50% waste diversion. As we near that goal, the City wants to know, what should come next?

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